· Alleviates itch caused by environmental and occasional allergies · Supports normal immune system response and normal skin · Easy to use · Veterinarian-used and recommended · Natural and beneficial See some of our happy customers at: www.facebook.com/kyosenexprime See our story! Kyosenex Prime Overview A natural option to alleviate itch caused by environmental and occasional allergies and support normal immune system response.  Kyosenex Prime is a patent pending formulation containing extracted proteins derived from the thymus gland mixed with certified 1st milk bovine colostrum to support normal immune system response and skin health. In the past 8 years, leading veterinarians across the country have been using Kyosenex and are very happy with how well this product works. Most owners see satisfactory results within the first two bottles or 3-6 weeks.  Additional maintenance is recommended at 1-2 full droppers, two times per week. Typically, this is a total of 4 bottles of Kyosenex Prime per year. Order Place your order now because your pet deserves to enjoy feeling good as soon as possible. Orders include free FedEx ground shipping within the United States. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS may be subject to tax and duties charged by your government that may be as much as 45% of your purchase price. This tax and duty will have to be paid by you when the order is delivered. If you are placing your order from outside the U.S., you accept the risk of having to pay tax and duties. Also, many countries will not allow the import of supplements from the U.S. If you are ordering from those countries, we will cancel your order and issue you a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and your pet.                          Kyosenex Prime 30ml  (1 bottle)   $54.99                                                    Kyosenex Prime 30ml  (2 bottles)  $99.99                  Kyosenex Prime 30ml (1 for yourself and donate 1 to a shelter)  $99.99 Review the contents of your shopping cart FAQs   How does it work and how do I give it to my pet? Kyosenex Prime comes in liquid form and is to be given orally to your pet. Each 30cc bottle will specify the exact amount of servings to give to your pet, a few drops depending on body weight, once in the morning and once at night. It will provide powerful support for normal immune system response and normal skin health in your pet.   How long does it takes to work and how long does it last? Most pets will begin to show noticeable effect within 1 week of starting on Kyosenex Prime. In some cases the effect is even sooner. If the itch returns, continue giving Kyosenex Prime until the itch is alleviated and stays that way. Kyosenex Prime has been used by veterinarians in numerous cases with no known adverse reactions directly attributable to the product.   What’s in it? Kyosenex Prime contains Kyosenex, an extract derived from the bovine thymus gland, mixed with a certified 1st milk bovine colostrum in a unique patent pending formula. What’s 1st milk bovine colostrum? 1st milk colostrum used in Kyosenex Prime is milk that is fed by its mother to a newborn calf during the first 6 hours after birth. Since:     a calf is born without a functioning immune system     the important immune components are proteins which decrease with each milking     and lactose (milk sugar) increases to fulfill the energy needs of the growing calf It naturally follows that 1st milking colostrum is by nature's design the richest source and has the most consistent levels of bioactive components. When using the inverse relationship of protein to fat as the specification for 1st milking colostrum, and using the best production methods batch to batch results are obtained consistently in the 1st milking colostrum used in Kyosenex Prime. What makes our product different from other thymus products on the market? Kyosenex Prime contains Kyosenex, an extract from the bovine thymus gland.  Many thymus glandular products consist of only crushed and pulverized whole gland tissue. Kyosenex Prime is a true extract of the most bioactive proteins.   What makes our product different from other natural products for itch? Kyosenex Prime is the only product currently on the market containing a true thymus extract, Kyosenex, in a certified 1st bovine milk colostrum. There is simply nothing like it. What does Kyosenex Prime do? Kyosenex is a bovine derived extract from the thymus gland.  These highly bioavailable proteins support normal immune system response and normal skin. CONTACT For questions, please contact us at mailto:kyosenex@gmail.com
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